DSE English – Paper 4 Exam Analysis

YearElectiveTopicTask First Bullet PointSecond Bullet PointThird Bullet Point
SP_1Popular CultureCelebrity and invasion of privacyWrite a letter to the editorwhether the media have too much freedomwhether famous people should have their privacy protectedwhy people like to read magazines for their shocking content and gossip
SP_2Popular CultureBody modification/ body artWrite a school magazine articlewhy some teenagers like body art such as tattooing and nose piercingthe medical dangers of body arthow Hong Kong society views people with tattoos and their bodies pierced
SP_3Workplace CommunicationLong working hoursPrepare a presentationwhy Hong Kong people tend to work long hoursthe health and social problems that can be caused by long working hoursthings that people can do to avoid work addiction
Practice Paper Paper 4ElectiveTopicTask First Bullet PointSecond Bullet PointThird Bullet Point
PP_1.1Social IssuesTeenagers and materialismWrite a letter to the editorwhether teenagers are materialisticwhether teenagers are easily affected by their peershow young children should be educated not to be materialistic
PP_1.2Workplace CommunicationSummer part-time jobsDiscuss which option is suitablethe skills students would need to do these jobsthe benefits for students who are employed in these jobsother kinds of jobs that may be suitable for students
PP_1.3Popular CultureAliensWrite an articlewhether there is life on other planetswhether you believe that aliens have visited Earthwhether aliens would be a threat or a benefit to our planet
2012_1.1Workplace CommunicationInternshipsWrite a reporthow an unpaid internship could be beneficialwhat the challenges would be of being a summer internwhat characteristics a good intern should have
2012_1.2Social IssuesMooncake givingDiscusswhether the tradition of giving mooncakes is wastefulwhether traditional mooncakes should be replaced with non-traditional versionshow to festival can be celebrated in a more environmentally-friendly way
2012_1.3Popular CultureCosplayGive a presentationwhether cosplay is popular in Hong Konghow Hong Kong society views cosplayershow experienced cosplayers can help new cosplayers
2012_2.1Popular CultureStephen ChowOrganise a festivalaspects of his life and career people would be interested inhow you would get information about Stephen Chowactivities that you could organize
2012_2.2Popular CultureNew technological productsWrite an article why people like to use technological productsthe benefits of technological products in our liveswhether all technological products are useful
2012_2.3Popular CultureDiary writingPromote an activitywhy it is useful to keep a diaryhow to make a diary interesting and memorablewhich tips you would find most useful for writing a diary
2012_3.1Sports CommunicationCross-harbour raceWrite an essay the popularity of swimming in Hong Kong in generalany potential dangers of swimming across the harbourthe benefits of the race for participants and Hong Kong
2012_3.2Popular CultureSummer study tourDiscuss pros and conswhat skills or knowledge can be gained from study tourswhat difficulties or problems might be encountered on a study tourwhether you would recommend the above programme for your school
2012_3.3Popular CultureJapanese foodOrganise an event which activity would be best for attracting new membershow the event could be promotedwhat other events the club could organize in the future
2012_4.1Social IssuesLack of living space Prepare a projecthow a lack of space affects the lives of Hong Kong peoplehow Hong Kong people cope with having so little spaceany possible benefits of Hong Kong's lack of space
2012_4.2Social IssuesLow carbon livingPromote a schemewhat the benefits of such a scheme would bewhat students can do to become involvedhow such a scheme could be promoted
2012_4.3Popular Culture3D moviesGive a presentationwhy 3D movies have become popular in Hong Kongwhether all movies should be changed into 3D formatother effects that can make watching movies more realistic
2012_5.1Social IssuesHeritage conservationWrite a letterwhy certain buildings should be preservedhow to balance urban development with heritage conservationwhat action should be taken to help preserve such buildings
2012_5.2Social IssuesDolphin conservationDiscusswhy the dolphins should be better protectedhow the threat to the dolphins can be highlighted to the publicwhether protecting dolphin habitats is more important than the development of infrastructure
2012_5.3Social IssuesMoney managementDiscusswhy it is necessary to teach good money management skillswhether showing a cartoon is the best waywhat additional activities could be introduced
2012_6.1Popular CultureRestaurants in Hong KongWrite reviewsthe different kinds of cuisines in Hong Kongthe characteristics of a good restaurantwhat a good restaurant review should include
2012_6.2Popular CultureReality TVDiscusshow people of different generations view reality showswhat type of reality shows people preferreasons why these shows are popular/unpopular
2012_6.3Popular CultureTeaching English using video gamesWrite a blogany interesting English lessons you've had in schoolany English lessons you've had in school that were not enjoyableadvantages or disadvantages of using video games in English lessons
2012_7.1Popular CultureHome swappingDiscuss pros and conswhat the risks of home swapping arewhat the advantages of home swapping arewhether local culture can be better experienced through home swapping
2012_7.2Popular CultureTrends of toys and games in Hong KongPrepare a projectwhether traditional toys and games are still popularthe advantages of non-traditional toys compared to traditional toys and gameswhat kinds of toys and games will be popular in the future
2012_7.3Workplace CommunicationCareer choiceDiscussthe struggles young people face when deciding on a careerwhat criteria are important when making a career choice what advice you would give to someone who does not know what job they would like to do
2012_8.1Popular CultureOutdoor music festivalWrite a letter to the editor whether there is a demand for outdoor music festivals in Hong Kongwhether the complaints about noise are a fair concernwhat other events you would like to see held in the West Kowloon Cultural District
2012_8.2Social IssuesPlastic surgery Prepare a projectwhat kinds of men would seek plastic surgerythe reasons for its increasing popularityany negative aspects of plastic surgery
2012_8.3Popular CultureMemory training Give a presentationthe benefits of training one's memoryhow one's memorizing ability can be trainedthe types of people who could benefit from having an improved memory
2013_1.1Popular CultureLearning English outside classroomGive a presentation how you could learn English through YouTube and other social networking siteswhat other ways you can think of to learn English outside the classroomadvice to give to students who are new to learning English by themselves
2013_1.2Social Issues Compulsory cooking classDiscusswhy young people usually do not know how to cookthe benefits and problems of having compulsory cooking classeswhat should be taught in these classes
2013_1.3Social Issues Achieving long lifeGive a short talkwhich four of the eight factors to include in your talk and whywhich rule is the most important for achieving a long lifeactivities that can be included in the Live Well Week
2013_2.1Workplace Communication Apprenticeship programmesDiscussthe differences between apprenticeships and traditional schoolingwhether Hong Kong students and parents would be open to the idea of apprenticeship programmeshow to get support from employers to take part in apprenticeship programmes
2013_2.2Social Issues Empty shop projectWrite a letterthe benefits and problems of organizing empty shop projects in Hong Kongwhat activities would be best for Hong Kong empty shop projects to holdhow to encourage companies and charities in Hong Kong to organize empty shop projects
2013_2.3Popular CultureStrange food in Hong KongProduce a brochure other kinds of strange Hong Kong food to include in the brochurewhy tourists may find these local foods strangehow to make these foods more attractive in the brochure
2013_3.1Popular CultureUnusual activities to keep fit Organise an event which of the activities in the extract above would be most suitable for a Health Awareness Fun Daypossible problems when organizing the Fun Dayother unusual activities to include in the Fun Day
2013_3.2Social Issues Living in Hong KongImprove a website what teenagers need and want to know about living in a new placethe information from the above guide that you want to keephow to make the website more attractive
2013_3.3Social Issues Cyber crimesGive a presentation why cyber crimes occurthe importance of protecting ourselves from cyber crimesways to protect ourselves from cyber crimes
2013_4.1DebatingAnimal cruelty Prepare a debatesome foods that come from animals which are cruelly treatedarguments for the motionarguments against the motion
2013_4.2Sports Communication Full contact sportsDiscussreasons why some people are against full contact sportsthe benefits to teenagers of participating in full contact sportsthe difficulties of introducing full contact sports in schools
2013_4.3Social Issues Simple livingOrganise a course the skills that students will learn from this coursethe benefits and problems this plan will bringwhat other activities to include in the course
2013_5.1Popular CultureDigital devices and its effectsGive a presentation how using them affects people's brainshow using them affects people's behaviourhow using them affects people's relationships with others
2013_5.2Popular CultureClutteringWrite an article reasons why people are unwilling to throw things awaythe effects of having clutter in the homewhat to do with the unwanted items
2013_5.3Popular CultureLuxury brands in Hong KongPrepare a projectwhy international brands want to open stores in Hong Kongthe advantages and problems this bringswhat other information to include in the project
2013_6.1Popular CultureUse of robots at homeWrite a reportthe services that robots can provide for humansthe disadvantages of using robots in the homewhat other kinds of robots you would like to see in the future
2013_6.2Social Issues Humans living on other planetsGive a presentation the good and bad ideas from the Mars One projectwhat other issues should be considered when humans live on another planetthe reasons why people may want to move to another planet
2013_6.3DebatingBenefits of video gamesPrepare a debatewhy video games are considered artwhat benefits there are to playing computer gameshow you will argue against the other team's ideas
2013_7.1Social Issues Dogs replace childrenGive a presentation the reasons why many dog owners place so much importance on their petsthe activities they do with their dogs in Hong Kongthe advantages and problems that may arise from spending so much time with their dogs
2013_7.2Popular CultureCantopopPrepare for a project why Cantopop is a suitable topic for the school projectwhat to include in the proposalwhether you agree with the article that Cantopop is less popular today
2013_7.3Social Issues Peer pressure amongst teenagersGive a presentation the kinds of peer pressure that Hong Kong teenagers havethe positive and negative influences of peer pressurewhat teens can do when they face peer pressure
2013_8.1Popular CultureClass blog Discussthe benefits and problems with having a class blogwhich topics you want to include in your class blogwhat information from the survey you will use to persuade your teacher
2013_8.2Workplace Communication Solving conflictsGive a talkthe difficulties people face when working in a groupways to solve or avoid conflicts or argumentsthe benefits of working well in a group
2013_8.3Popular CultureIdeal form of beauty Discusspopular beliefs about what is considered good-looking for men and womenwhether the colour of one's eyes is an important criterion in being considered good-lookingwhether or not Western forms of beauty should be considered the ideal
2013_9.1Social Issues Hong Kong's identity and traditionsPrepare an exhibitionwhat ideas from the above article you want to include in your exhibitionwhat other traditional aspects of Hong Kong culture to includehow to present these things in a fun and humorous way
2013_9.2DebatingBanning calculators in primary schoolsPrepare a debateadvantages of using calculators in primary schoolsproblems of using calculators in primary schoolswhether or not you agree that calculators should be banned in primary schools
2013_9.3Short StoriesChoose English booksRecommend a bookwhether you would recommend Hero on a Bicycle for the Reading Clubwhat other kinds of books you would choosethe benefits and challenges of reading fiction
2013_10.1Popular CultureWeird Japanese inventionsSet up a clubwhat the aims of your society will bewhat will make your society different from the other clubswhich of the above inventions you would use to promote your society
2013_10.2Social Issues Dining and table mannersPrepare a workshopsome kinds of behaviour that might be considered rude at the dining tablesome traditional rules and updated rules on dining mannerswhich rule is the most important one and why
2013_10.3Social Issues Helping children to succeed Prepare a presentationways that Hong Kong parents try to help their children to succeedwhat motivates Hong Kong children to succeedadvice to give parents
2014_1.1Popular CultureWriting emailsGive a talkwhether young people write emails in their daily livesthe challenges young people may face when writing formal emailsthe advantages of using email over other forms of communication
2014_1.2Workplace CommunicationAirport ambassadorsDiscusswhy the Airport needs Ambassadorswhether being an Airport Ambassador would be difficult for young peoplewhat qualities/skills/characteristics are necessary to be a good Airport Ambassador
2014_1.3Social IssuesHelicopter parentingWrite a letter to the editorthe qualities of good parentswhether helicopter parenting is goodother complaints young people have about the relationship with their parents
2014_2.1Popular CultureTaking food photosPrepare a projectwhy some people love taking photos of foodany negative effects of taking photos of foodhow to put together a blog about food photos
2014_2.2Popular Culture Street cultureGive a presentationwhy some people think street culture is negativereasons why street culture is becoming more popularhow to change people's attitudes towards street culture
2014_2.3Social IssuesHong Kong and Switzerland Give a talkhow Hong Kong compares with Switzerland in the four points mentionedwhether Hong Kong's ranking should be higherhow Hong Kong can improve its happiness ranking
2014_3.1Popular CultureSlang wordsPrepare a projectuseful sources for collecting words commonly used by teenagersways to decide what words to include in your dictionaryhow to present the information for the dictionary in an interesting way
2014_3.2Social IssuesFinnish education systemPrepare for a discussionthe most positive aspects of Finland's education systempositive aspects of Hong Kong's education systemwhich characteristics of Finland's education system would not work in Hong Kong
2014_3.3Social IssuesConstruction of a ferris wheel Discusswhether Hong Kong needs a tourist attraction along the waterfrontwhether a ferris wheel would be an ideal tourist attractionhow the land could be developed for other purposes
2014_4.1Social IssuesCyber-spying on kidsGive a presentationwhether parents should access their children's social media accountswhy parents want to monitor their children's online activitieswhy some children may not want their parents to be their Facebook "friends"
2014_4.2Popular CultureCulture of using couponsDiscussthe types of coupons students normally usethe reasons why people like to use couponsany potential disadvantages of couponing
2014_4.3Popular CultureSuperheroes SocietyDiscusswhich of the three superheroes would best represent the societyhow to attract new members to joinwhat activities the society could organize
2014_5.1Popular CultureInternational Film DayOrganise an eventwhether or not international films will appeal to studentsthe benefits of holding an International Film Daywhich of the three movies to choose for the opening film
2014_5.2Workplace CommunicationCareer in studying dinosaursPrepare for a guest's visit aspects of his life and career people would be interested inquestions to ask Dr. Xuany other activities that can be included in Dr. Xu's visit
2014_5.3Social IssuesCommon health mistakes Organise a workshop how common these health 'mistakes' are in Hong Kongthe top three 'mistakes' to choose for the workshophow to make the workshop interesting
2014_6.1Sports Communication Team sports Give a presentationthe benefits of playing team sports compared to individual sportsthe disadvantages of playing team sports compared to individual sportshow team sports can be promoted in Hong Kong
2014_6.2Social IssuesE-books vs traditional booksDiscussthe benefits of e-textbooksthe benefits of traditional textbookshow e-textbooks could change the way people learn
2014_6.3Social IssuesDebt from tertiary educationWrite a letter to the editorexpenses tertiary students facethe problems of having a loanwhether getting a degree is worth the cost
2014_7.1Social IssuesCompulsory courtesy classDiscusswhether courtesy classes should be compulsory or notwhat can be taught in courtesy classeswhich age group of students would benefit the most
2014_7.2Popular CultureImpacts of LEGO on young peoplePrepare a projectwhether LEGO is popular among young peoplereasons for its popularity compared to other toyspros and cons of playing with LEGO figures with different faces
2014_7.3DebatingAdvertisingPrepare a debatepositive effects of advertising on societynegative effects of advertising on societywhat products should not be advertised
2014_8.1Popular CultureSuper-sized foodOrganise a stallwhether super-sized meals are becoming popular in Hong Kongthe pros and cons of using super-sized meals to attract customerswhat food your group could super-size in order to attract customers to your stall
2014_8.2Popular Culture Jeremy LinOrganise a workshop activities to do in the workshopquestions to ask Jeremy Linwhat students could learn from Jeremy Lin
2014_8.3Social IssuesAddiction to technologyGive a class presentation why some Hong Kong teenagers are addicted to technologypossible signs of being addicted to technologyany tips or advice for overcoming technology addiction
2014_9.1Workplace CommunicationSummer internshipDiscuss which option is suitablewhy some teenagers would be keen to join the Hong Kong Police Forcewhich job duties in the Public Relations internship your group would prefer to dobenefits of the Public Relations internship compared to other jobs
2014_9.2Workplace CommunicationCustomer service in Hong KongPrepare a projectwhy good customer service is importantwhether or not customer service in Hong Kong is getting worsehow customer service can be improved
2014_9.3Social IssuesStudy timeJoin a forumthe benefits of having Study Time in Hong Kongthe negative effects of having Study Timewhether Study Time could be implemented in Hong Kong
2014_10.1Social IssuesAmount of power given to childrenPrepare a discussionwhether Hong Kong children have too much powerthe positive effects of disciplining childrenthe negative effects of disciplining children
2014_10.2Sports Communication Teenagers and dancingGive a presentationwhether Hong Kong teenagers like dancingwhat teens can learn from dancewhat activities can be organized to promote the group
2014_10.3Popular CultureSubscribe to a magazine Discuss which option is suitablethe pros and cons of choosing each magazinethe magazine to be chosenother types of magazine the library should subscribe to
2015_1.1Popular Culture Tools for taking selfiesGive a talkwhy selfies seem to be so popular among young peoplethe advantages and disadvantages of the gadgets advertisedwhich two you would recommend
2015_1.2Popular Culture Digital memory boxesDiscussthe purpose or theme of your memory boxthings your school could put insidehow to get as many students and teachers involved as possible
2015_1.3Sports Communication Youth Olympic GamesOrganise activitieswhich of the above activities you think would be most suitable for school studentswhat other activities could be held based on the values of the Youth Olympic Gameshow to get more people in the community involved in these activities
2015_2.1Workplace CommunicationDoll hospital Discusswhy people want to repair their old toyswhether a doll hospital business in Hong Kong would be successfulhow a doll hospital could be marketed
2015_2.2Workplace CommunicationProfessional courses for senior studentsDiscuss which option is suitablehow the four courses can benefit studentswhat difficulties may be encountered if these courses are introducedwhich course would be the most popular among students
2015_2.3Workplace CommunicationYoung female astronautPlan an invitation why you would like to invite Alyssawhat you would like Alyssa to talk aboutany other activities that could be included in Alyssa's visit
2015_3.1Social IssuesBring Your Own Device policyDiscussthe benefits and problems of this policyhow to prevent such problemsin which subjects mobile devices would be most useful for students
2015_3.2Workplace CommunicationTop jobs in the worldOrganise a workshopwhat skills students need for the five jobswhether you think these jobs would be popular among studentshow to make the workshop interesting
2015_3.3Social IssuesEndless City Discuss a proposalwhat other facilities should be included in the Endless Citythe pros and cons of living in the Endless Citywhether a similar proposal would be popular in Hong Kong
2015_4.1Workplace CommunicationWriting onlinePrepare for an articlethe advantages of writing onlinethe problems faced by online writerswhether there should be censorship of what is published online
2015_4.2Workplace CommunicationGen Y school leaversDesign a workshopwhether you agree with the description of Gen Y in Question 1which measures taken by employers in Question 2 would be most popular with young employeeshow to make the workshop interesting
2015_4.3Social IssuesStudy tour to AntarcticaDiscusswhether Antarctica would be a suitable locationwhat difficulties students could face if they went to Antarcticahow to choose students to join the study tour
2015_5.1DebatingCompulsory military servicePrepare a debatearguments in favor of compulsory military servicearguments against compulsory military servicewhether it would be a good idea to introduce compulsory military service for women
2015_5.2Workplace CommunicationIntroducing robots into service industry Write an articleadvantages of using robotsreasons why people might be against using robotsother industries that could benefit from using robots
2015_5.3Social IssuesMost essential items for living in Hong KongDiscusswhich items might be different from those in the British surveyhow the order might be different in Hong Konghow different generations might differ in their choices
2015_6.1Popular Culture Youth leadership training campDiscuss which option is suitablewhich of the above camps is more suitable for studentsthe criteria for selecting students to join the campwhat concerns about the camp need to be addressed
2015_6.2Social IssuesUpcyclingOrganise a campaignwhich item to upcycle and whydifficulties you may facehow to sell your upcycled product
2015_6.3Social IssuesSTEM subjects in Hong KongPrepare a meeting with parents and teachersthe reasons why fewer girls than boys are attracted to STEM subjects and STEM careerswhat schools and universities can do to encourage more girls to study STEM subjectshow to persuade parents to let their daughters do STEM subjects
2015_7.1Popular Culture Dialogue in the DarkDiscuss which option is suitablethe benefits of each of the eventsfurther details you would like to know about eachwhich event you would choose
2015_7.2Social IssuesHong Kong Open Photo ContestDiscussthe benefits of taking part in the competitionwhich theme you would recommend to your schoolwhat sort of things you could take photos of
2015_7.3Popular Culture Student of the Year AwardsInterview an awardeewhat students can learn from Pok-manother aspects of his life you would like to find out abouthow to make the article more interesting
2015_8.1Popular Culture Celebrity and crime Discusswhether you agree with the punishments given to celebritieswhy famous people who commit a crime are sometimes treated differentlywhether you would still support a celebrity even after he or she has committed a crime
2015_8.2DebatingStarting formal schooling before the age of sixPrepare a debatearguments for the motionarguments against the motionwhich side you would prefer to take
2015_8.3Popular Culture William SargentDiscuss which option is suitablewhich activity you prefer and whyhow you would promote your chosen activity in your schoolquestions to ask William Sargent
2015_9.1Popular Culture YouTuber starsDiscuss which option is suitablethe pros and cons of each choicewhat you would like the YouTube star to talk aboutany other activities that can be included in the visit
2015_9.2Popular Culture Standing desks Prepare a presentation advantages of standing desksdisadvantages of standing deskshow to make the presentation interesting
2015_9.3Social IssuesAdopt-a-grandparent programmeDiscusswhat the grandparents could do and whythe benefits of such a programme for the student and the schoolhow you might organize the programme
2016_1.1Social IssuesCharity work outside Hong KongDiscussthe benefits of students doing charity work outside Hong Kongthe concerns of doing charity work outside Hong Kongwhether charity work outside Hong Kong should be a requirement at secondary school
2016_1.2Workplace CommunicationStarting own businessDiscusswhether Spacebox is a good business ideaways the business idea could be improveddifferent ways to advertise your business
2016_1.3Social IssuesLearning through playWrite an essaygames that you played when you were youngerthe advantages and disadvantages of allowing children to play at schoolwhether learning through play should be a regular part of a child's education
2016_2.1Social IssuesPhone scamsGive a presentationthe different types of scamspossible victims of scamshow to avoid being a victim of scams
2016_2.2Popular CultureStreet artDiscussimages Bao Ho should include in her paintingan appropriate location for the paintinghow Bao Ho might help the school celebrate the Open Day
2016_2.3Social IssuesYoung adults living with parents Discussthe benefits of living at home with your parentsthe disadvantages of living at home with your parentsother ways young adults can be independent while living with their parents
2016_3.1Popular CultureEducational computer software applicationsDiscuss which option is suitablewhich of the four apps above is the most useful for studentswhat other kinds of educational apps Hong Kong students may needwhether there are any disadvantages of using apps for schoolwork
2016_3.2Social IssuesPoor image of Hong Kong taxi driversDiscussreasons for the dramatic rise in complaintspossible steps to improve the behaviour of taxi driversways to promote Hong Kong taxis to tourists
2016_3.3DebatingWild animalsPrepare a debatearguments for the motionarguments against the motionwhich side would be easier to argue
2016_4.1Social IssuesComputer programming in secondary schoolsDiscusswhether students should learn history and geography at schoolwhether compulsory programming should be taught at primary schoolother subjects that can help students develop logical thinking and creativity
2016_4.2Popular CultureAfter-school hangoutsGive a presentationthe importance of socialising after schoolwhich of the suggested places would be most popular with Hong Kong studentsother places where students can socialise
2016_4.3Popular CulturePrivate kitchensPrepare a school projectthe advantages of private kitchensthe disadvantages of private kitchensthe impact private kitchens may have on the restaurant industry
2016_5.1Poems and SongsBusking Reply to a letter to the editorwhether you agree or disagree with the writer's point of viewhow to improve the quality of busking in Hong Konghow the government can encourage busking
2016_5.2Social IssuesHistory WeekOrganise an eventwhich period you would chooseimportant features of that periodwhat events you would organise in the school
2016_5.3Social IssuesNegative effects of electronic devices Discussthe negative effects of electronic devices on young peoplewhy developing social skills is importantwhether young people should be encouraged to have more face-to-face interaction
2016_6.1Social IssuesMaking Hong Kong a more walkable cityDesign a campaign leafletthe challenges people face when walking through the streets of Hong Kongsuggestions for improving the street conditions for pedestrianscontent and organisation of the leaflet
2016_6.2Social IssuesSingaporean laws Discuss a proposalsome reasons why the Government would like to implement these lawspossible consequences of implementing these lawsthe fairness of the punishments mentioned in the article
2016_6.3Workplace CommunicationHong Kong-themed coffee shop in ShanghaiPrepare a presentationwhat items you could sell in the coffee shopwhat you would like to promote about Hong Konghow you would decorate the coffee shop
2016_7.1Social IssuesTreating Hong Kong children at schools as winnersWrite an essaythe pros and cons of giving trophies to losing teamswhether learning how to lose is an important lesson to learnwhether certain competitive games should be discouraged at school
2016_7.2Popular CultureEmoticonsDiscussthe advantages of using emoticons to communicatewhether an emoticon is a good choice for Word of the Yearwhether picture-based language will grow more or less popular in the future
2016_7.3Social IssuesMeditation training in secondary schoolsDiscusswhy it might be necessary to teach students meditationways it could be introduced into schoolspossible problems faced by schools
2016_8.1Social IssuesTwins in schoolsPrepare a school projectpossible content for the projecthow you are going to get the information you needhow you could present your project
2016_8.2Popular CultureStudents' behaviour on social mediaDiscusswhether it is important to present a good image on social mediawhat is acceptable behaviour on social mediaother problems young people have using social media
2016_8.3Sports Communication Bicycle safety in Hong KongGive a talkhow to be safe when cycling in Hong Kongthe advantages and disadvantages of the gadgets advertisedwhich two you would recommend
2016_9.1Short StoriesEncourage reading of literature Discusswhether fewer people are interested in reading literature than beforewhether short story vending machines will encourage people to read more literatureother ways to promote the reading of literature
2016_9.2Social IssuesInternational Left-Handers dayOrganise activitiessome of the frustrations that left-handed people experiencehow these difficulties can be overcomeactivities you may organise for the event
2016_9.3Social IssuesTexting lanesDiscussthe problems caused by using smartphones while walkingwhether texting lanes can help to solve these problemsother ways of making people aware of the dangers of texting while walking
2017_1.1Workplace CommunicationWorking in ShenzhenDiscussadvantages and disadvantages of working in Shenzhenwhether this will become a popular trendadvice for people who would like to work in Shenzhen
2017_1.2Social IssuesGiving money to parentsWrite a reply to a blog entryreasons people give money to their parentswhether this tradition should continue in Hong Kong todayother ways people can show respect to their parents
2017_1.3Popular CultureBook fairDiscusswhy the Hong Kong Book Fair is popularwhether Chinese martial arts literature was a suitable themea possible theme for the future
2017_2.1Social Issues Importance of Cantonese in Hong KongPrepare a projectproblems non-Cantonese speaking people may have if they live in Hong Kongadvantages if they learn Cantoneseways to help people who do not speak Cantonese feel more connected to Hong Kong
2017_2.2Popular CultureIce bucket challengeDiscusswhy the Ice Bucket Challenge was so successfulother online activities you could hold to raise money for charitywhether your suggestions would be popular
2017_2.3Social IssuesWeather signalsPrepare a projectthe advantages of the current warning signalspossible problems caused for families, schools and businesses by the current signalspossible improvements to the current system
2017_3.1Social IssuesEmotional QuotientPrepare a presentationwhat problems students face which affect their emotionswhy EQ is importantways your school can help students to develop emotional intelligence
2017_3.2Popular CultureReading cultures & smartphonesProvide suggestionswhat young people currently like about librariesreasons many young people don't use librariesnew activities that might attract more people to use libraries
2017_3.3Social IssuesRoad accidents and car safetyDiscusswhy the number of accidents has fallen in Hong Kongsome common causes of road accidentswhat people should do to make sure they are safe while using the road
2017_4.1Social Issues Outdoor music performancesPrepare a projectwhy the elderly enjoy singing in parksproblems with having outdoor music performancesways to overcome these problems
2017_4.2Social IssuesLegal age for various activitiesDiscusswhy the government has age limits for people getting tattooswhy the age limits differ for different activitieswhether any age limits should be changed
2017_4.3Social IssuesStudents withdrawing from societyDiscusswhy some young people avoid social contactwhy this is a problem for them and their familieshow to overcome these problems
2017_5.1Social IssuesSpoilt and over-protected parentsPrepare a projectwhat children might learn in a boot campwhether boot camp would be popular with Hong Kong parentsother methods to encourage students to be more independent
2017_5.2Social IssuesFoods affecting moodsDiscussfoods in schools which are good or bad for your moodwhether school menus should only offer healthy foodthe benefits of having mood-enhancing foods
2017_5.3DebatingGood teachers and educational successPrepare a debatearguments for the motionarguments against the motionwhich side would be easier to argue
2017_6.1Popular CultureInfluence of iPhonesPrepare a projecthow smartphones benefit peoplewhy sales of iPhones did not grow in China in 2016whether iPhones will continue to be successful in China
2017_6.2Social IssuesOnline gamesDiscussthe benefits of playing online gamespossible activities for the Online Games Dayproblems you may face setting up an Online Games Day
2017_6.3Workplace CommunicationWorking holidaysGive a presentationthe advantages of going on a working holidaywhether the type of jobs in the advertisement are suitable for Hong Kong studentsother types of jobs that are suitable for students
2017_7.1Social IssuesBlood donationsOrganise an eventwhy giving blood is importanthow to encourage students to take part in the eventsuitable times and places for the event
2017_7.2Popular CultureTourist attractions in Hong KongDiscuss which option is suitablewhat attracts tourists to Hong Kongwhat each picture represents about Hong Kongwhich photograph should be chosen for the cover of the travel book
2017_7.3DebatingMore bus lanes in Hong KongPrepare a debatewhether buses are a convenient form of travelwhether bus lanes are a suitable solution to traffic congestionother solutions to the traffic congestion problems
2017_8.1Workplace CommunicationAge discrimination in Hong KongPrepare a projectadvantages of allowing older people to workadvantages of not allowing older people to workwhat can be done to reduce discrimination against older people
2017_8.2Social IssuesFines and penaltiesDiscusswhether the elderly cleaner should have been finedwhether fines and penalties stop people litteringany problems that fines and penalties cause
2017_8.3Sports CommunicationNight hikingOrganize a tripwhy night hiking has become popular with studentswhat you should or should not take on the tripany problems you may face on the trip
2018_1.1Social IssuesProviding a domestic helper for all elderly peopleDiscusswhy the government suggested the ideathe advantages and disadvantages of the ideaany other ways to help elderly people who live alone
2018_1.2Popular CultureThe decline of TVBPrepare a projectwhy TVB was so successful in Hong Kong in the pastwhy there is a fall in the number of viewerswhether TVB can be successful again in the future
2018_1.3Social IssuesText messaging between teachers and studentsDiscusswhy students and parents want to text teachersthe advantages and disadvantages of students and teachers texting each otherwhat schools can do to improve other means of communication between students and teachers
2018_2.1Social IssuesBike-sharing services in Hong KongDiscussthe advantages of bike-sharing servicesthe problems of bike-sharing services and possible solutionsother sharing services that could be introduced in Hong Kong
2018_2.2Popular CultureOCampDiscussthe advantages and disadvantages of having an Ocampactivities that would help new students get to know each otherhow to organise the activities
2018_2.3Social IssuesGiving money to studentsDiscussthe advantages and disadvantages of the schemewhether students will spend the money wiselywhether it should be available for all students in Hong Kong
2018_3.1Social IssuesDoing nothingPrepare a talkwhether students have enough free timethe advantages and disadvantages of students doing nothinghow you will explain to parents the value of letting their children do nothing
2018_3.2Popular Culturee-sports festival in Hong KongOrganise a festivaladvantages of holding an inter-school e-sports festival at your schoolpossible problems that may occurhow to promote the festival
2018_3.3Workplace CommunicationBeing a firefighterGive a presentationwhat skills and qualities are needed to be a good firefighterthe advantages and disadvantages of working as a firefighteractivities that you could organise to help students learn about the job
2018_4.1Popular CultureHong Kong music sceneDiscusswhy older people criticise the younger generationwhether you think the criticism is fairwhat is the biggest challenge for young people nowadays
2018_4.2Social IssuesHong Kong and TaiwanDiscussthe differences between Hong Kong and Taiwanthe advantages and disadvantages of going to live in Taiwanthe most important factor in deciding whether to move to Taiwan
2018_4.3Social IssuesAttendance policies in universitiesDiscussthe advantages and disadvantages of HKBU's attendance policywhether you think the policy will be successfulwhether it could be applied to secondary schools
2018_5.1Sports CommunicationRex TsoWrite a letterwhy Rex would be a suitable speakerhow to persuade Rex to come to your schoolwhether boxing should be promoted in secondary schools in Hong Kong
2018_5.2Social IssuesTV talent showDiscusswhy talent shows are popular the advantages and disadvantages of taking part in talent showswhether parents should let their children take part in talent shows
2018_5.3Social IssuesImproving the waterfrontPropose facilitieswhat people might enjoy doing at Victoria Harbour frontwhat facilities might be suitable for Victoria Harbour fronthow the new facilities could best be promoted
2018_6.1Social IssuesDronesDiscusswhy drones are popular and usefulwhat problems drones might causewhat rules there should be about flying drones in Hong Kong
2018_6.2DebatingInternet censorship and fake newsPrepare a debatearguments for the motionarguments against the motionwhich side would be easier to argue
2018_6.3Social IssuesStudent datingDiscusswhether you agree with the no dating rule adopted in Chinathe advantages and disadvantages of secondary school students datingguidelines or advice schools should give students about dating
2018_7.1Poems and SongsMusic therapy activitiesDiscusswhether a gong bath would be suitableother music therapy activities that might be suitablehow to promote music therapy at your school
2018_7.2Social IssuesPaperless classroomsDiscusshow schools can become paperlesswhat challenges there will bewhether you think it will be successful
2018_7.3Workplace CommunicationEmployment trapsOrganise an activitythe advantages and disadvantages of summer workhow to raise awareness of employment traps for studentssummer jobs that would be suitable for students
2018_8.1Social IssuesAnimal therapyDiscussthe advantages and disadvantages of animal therapywhat types of animal would be most suitable for a schoolhow the animals could be looked after and help the students
2018_8.2Social IssuesCashless societyDiscusswhy many shops prefer people to pay by phonewhat problems a cashless society may causewhether Hong Kong should be cash-free in the near future
2018_8.3Social IssuesCity farmsDiscussthe benefits of renting a piece of farmlandwhether students in your class would be interested in having a class farmhow to organise a class farm
2019_1.1Social IssuesRedevelopment in Western DistrictDiscusswhy old districts are redevelopedwhat problems redevelopments causewhat the government should do to reduce the problems residents face
2019_1.2Popular CultureWedding photosDiscusswhy wedding photographs are importantwhat is important for wedding photos to showwhich styles you think is most popular
2019_1.3Social IssuesOnline ScamsDiscusswhether online crime is a serious problem in Hong Kongwhat type of online crimes students should worry about mosthow students should protect themselves
2019_2.1Popular CultureFortune tellingPrepare a projectwhy people like going to fortune tellerswhy fortune telling is an important part of Chinese culturewhether fortune telling will remain popular in the modern world
2019_2.2Popular CultureApple Screen Time ControlHold a meetingwhether parents should control students' screen timeadvantages and disadvantages of Apple Screen Time Controlwhether software like Apple Screen Time Control is the best way to limit students' screen time
2019_2.3Sports CommunicationDevelopment of sport in Hong KongPrepare a projectwhether Hong Kong is successful in international sportwhether sport is important to Hong Kong peoplewhether Hong Kong can learn from other countries to improve sports
2019_3.1Popular CultureSocial mediaPrepare a projectwhether young people in Hong Kong use Facebookwhat advice you would give people about using Facebookwhether social media will continue to be popular
2019_3.2Workplace CommunicationGender pay gapDiscusswhether there are differences in job performance between men and womenwhy women are generally paid less than menhow the gender pay gap could be reduced
2019_3.3Social IssuesCheating at schoolDiscusswhy students cheatwhether cheating is a common problem in schoolssuitable ways of dealing with the problem
2019_4.1Social IssuesLiving in densely populated urban areasPrepare a projectwhich letter you agree withother situations when crowded places cause problemshow to deal with these problems
2019_4.2Popular CultureUnusual English names in Hong KongDiscusshow students choose their English namewhat type of names you think are suitable and unsuitablewhat problems unusual names cause
2019_4.3Social IssuesPerson of the year 2019Discusswhat can be learned from role modelswhy some students may not select the nominees listedother potential nominees
2019_5.1Social IssuesCCTVDiscussadvantages of CCTV camerasdisadvantages of CCTV cameraswhat rules there should be about the use of CCTV cameras in school
2019_5.2Social IssuesStudying in mainland ChinaFacilitate a Q&A sessionwhy Hong Kong universities want to develop in mainland Chinawhat problems Hong Kong students may face studying on the Mainlandwhat advice to give to students thinking about studying on the Mainland
2019_5.3Social IssuesSpace travelWrite an essaywhy people are so interested in space travelwhether space tourism will become popularwhether there are better ways to spend money
2019_6.1DebatingSelective killing to control animal numbersPrepare a debatewhy governments use selective killing to control animal numbersother methods of controlling animal numberswhether or not you support culling
2019_6.2Popular CultureTranslation devicesDiscussthe advantages and disadvantages of using translation deviceswhether translation devices should be allowed at schoolwhether learning languages is still important
2019_6.3Popular CultureProblems caused by selfiesDiscusswhy selfies are so popularthe dangers caused by taking selfieswhy people are willing to take such risks
2019_7.1Popular CultureA Hong Kong drinkDiscussa suitable name for the drinkwhy this name would be suitablehow else the government could promote the drink
2019_7.2Social IssuesUsing e-payments as lai seeWrite an essaywhy people are using e-payments for lai seewhether real money will remain popularwhat other changes to the Lunar New Year people might dislike
2019_7.3Social IssuesInequality in Hong KongWrite an essaywhether Hong Kong really is an unequal societywhy unequal societies may have problemspolicies that would make Hong Kong a more equal society
2019_8.1Social IssuesCo-livingDiscussthe advantages of co-livingthe advantages of co-livingwhat rules you think co-living accommodation should have
2019_8.2Social IssuesHomeless people sleeping in McDonald'sPrepare a projectwhat problems homeless people facewhy they go to McDonald'show this affects McDonald's
2019_8.3Social IssuesPolitical leadersHold a summer coursewhat skills a political leader needs in today's societythe strengths and limitations of older leaderswhether age should be a factor in choosing a leader